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January 11, 2013
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CL: Calix Sirett by dyaer CL: Calix Sirett by dyaer
EDIT: Gonna update his app picture soon. He's not accepting contracts anymore either haha, please stop asking me.

[Data Update] Character Info//

Name: Calix Sirett (Cae-lix Sigh-ret)
Nickname: 'Don't give me one'
ID: #MHS3069
Level: 1
Age: 20
DOB: 20 May
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Division: Other [West Side]

Quote(s): 'The closest you'll get to a brainstorm is a drizzle.'
'If I got a pound every time you said something intelligent, I'd have fifty pence.'

- Hard worker: Looks down on the careless and lazy who neglect their tasks and duties.
- Arrogant: Because of this, he often comes off as rude or condescending to people.
- Short tempered: When people choose to express the errors of his behaviour to him, he is prone to flying into a rage, unleashing his wrath upon the unlucky individual in the form of a flying anchor, book, or whatever may be within reach.
- Fair: Despite these unfortunate characteristics, he is a firm believer in justice, and does not hesitate in doing 'the right thing', even if it means upsetting people in the process.
- Loyal: Once one has earnt his respect, be it through knowledge or combat, he can be a faithful companion.
- Brusque: While he dislikes, and struggles with, showing outright affection for a person, he can occasionally try, in his own ham-fisted way, to show another that 'he cares', though he is careful to do it as inconspicuously as possible, wanting as little people to witness it if he messes up.
- Commanding: Used to people following his instructions and wishes; finds it difficult to follow orders from anybody.

As a person, Calix can often come off as blunt or rude, due to his tendency to look down on his less hard-working peers, whom he does not see point in wasting time being polite to. Despite this behaviour towards them, he can take offence quickly if he is at the receiving end of any unbecoming behaviour, usually resorting to violence when his sharp tongue does not take effect. As a result, he does not have many friends; however, to the small number of people with whom he is close, he can become extremely loyal, despite struggling to show affection without resorting to violence or bad language. Although he works hard for himself and does not always reap the benefits of living in the lap of luxury, his prestigious upbringing has left its mark on his personality, making him a demanding young man, expecting things to be done instantly and without complaint, at his command.

- When people do as they're told
- Showing off his campcraft skills
- Showing off his strength
- Showing off his intelligence (none)
- Showing off in general
- Cinnamon

- Violins (from music lessons as a child)
- 'No'
- People who disobey him
- Cold water
- Deep water
- Showing affection
- Admitting defeat
- Laziness
- Being surpassed

- Carrying extremely heavy things
- Long memory
- Balance

Born into a wealthy family of a prosperous shipbroker, Calix spent much of his life living by the sea in his family's extensive estate, where he was home tutored as a child. Despite being able to enjoy such luxurious benefits owing to his father's line of work, he was not close to his parents, his father constantly away abroad on business, and his mother having too busy a social life to bring up a child that meant colds, runny noses and crying. As a result, he was left to the care of household staff, none of which he greatly cared for, becoming increasingly irritated at their efficiency and smothering helpfulness as he grew older.

After five years of mind numbingly awful home tutoring, he finally escaped the clutches of violin and riding lessons when he was permitted to enroll in West Cauraha High, in the belief that there would be no tutors to nag him into doing tiresome homework, of which games and leisure activites left no time to spare for. But once there, he immediately became aware of the number of wealthy students that, like him, only needed lift a finger for their wish to be granted; spoilt, lazy and unmotivated in their studies. And so, it was during his younger teenage years that Calix became aware that, had he continued in such a fashion, he would eventually become one of his lazy, spoilt classmates.

Thus abandoning all the knowledge that his family's wealth would provide a substantial enough amount to fall back on, had he failed in his studies, he threw himself into his schooling, and set about improving grades that his home tutors had once despaired of. During the school holidays, after summer homework was completed, he took to helping his father down at the docks, an opportunity to build up his physical strength, as well as an attempt to bond with the father he had never gotten to know. Much to the surprise of both his parents and teachers, his marks did indeed improve, and Calix graduated from the school at the top of his class, a far cry from the lazy young boy that had first begun school. He now attends a university not far from where he lives, and divides his time between his studies, training and running errands and deliveries for his father.

- He detests violin music. He hates the sound and it gives him a headache.
- He prides himself greatly on his campcraft skills, and is forever looking for the opportunity to show them off.
- He can't swim
- Is horrifically old-fashioned when it comes to new technology; has problems with computers and video games of any sort.
- Extremely heavy sleeper; he can sleep through anything.

[Update] Inventory//
Prior Ownership:
Store Bought:

[Log Sequence] Battling//

Contract Availability: Calix is not accepting contracts.

Powers: N/A

Weapon: A fisherman's anchor, made of heavy iron; woe betide any shins that happen to be too near.

Health: 100
Magic: 0
Attack: 250
Defense: 50
Speed: 100

Battling Style: Best as a long range attacker, his primary weapon is his fisherman's anchor, which takes out anyone too near. It can also be whirled above his head, and then released with the appropriate length of chain to hit objects or people further away, and then retracted. However, such a weapon means that while the impact of the anchor is extremely severe, it is difficult to control its accuracy, making aiming Calix's weak point.

Themes: N/A
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Yes, West~ :iconheplz:
Love his design and weapon!! So cool! * 7 *
Looking forward to RP with you! ;w; <3
Milky-kun Feb 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Woah :iconbarfrainbowplz:
I love him, mainly his weapon, this is really amazing, congrats to get int
Send me a note/skype anytime, I really want to RP with u =v=
Oh my g o s h hello handso-:iconthrowplz:

Goodness I love his design (yet another cutie patootie Westie! //slapped) and your coloring skills and his personality I just ffffghh. Hope we can RP sometime!
mari-chan96 Feb 24, 2013
ohohoh so he's a rich west boy <3 :iconryojidaisyplz: I love his clothes and the colour scheme :'D
Grats on getting accepted and hope we rp sometime :iconsupertighthugplz:
yes he's a rich dumbutt ok shoosh//
omgf r u srs his clothes are so dumb LOOL i kind of wanna redraw them already /kicked OTL thank you so much omgf, your guy looks super amazing too akasklak;;kk;sdgh ur colour can i just touches it + D + awye, i'd love too!! looking forward to it! /v/
mari-chan96 Feb 25, 2013
nonono his clothes are perfectly fabulous :iconfabulousplz: you can note me, or we can rp on skype, which one works best for you ;u;
Dazzara Feb 22, 2013  Student General Artist
aaahhhh he's SO CUTE!!! can I pinch his cheeks?? /; Q ;/

aside from that his design and bio are very interesting! (: Congrats on getting in, I really hope we can RP sometime!
LMFAO SHHH HE'S STUPID HSHSHSHS if u can reach ok ^p^//// and omg rly thank you so much sobs softly you're too kind aah<3 ;v; yeees, looking forward to it! o/
Dazzara Feb 24, 2013  Student General Artist
*gets a ladder* I WILL REACH :iconimsrs-plz:
but I'm not kind, it's the truth! /; 3 ;/
Art-Eater Feb 22, 2013  Student Digital Artist
He's cute


EAST IS BEAST!!!! *runs away*
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